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Our Leadership

The leadership of the 30th District Democrats is elected by the elected the members of the 30th District Democrats and the Democratic precinct committee officers (PCOs) of the 30th Legislative District.

2023-2024 Executive Board

The 2023-2024 officers of the 30th District Democrats are:

Sam Rise - Chair

Susan White - 1st Vice Chair

[vacant] - 2nd Vice Chair

Kristine Reeves - State Committee Representative

Steve Mayer - State Committee Representative

Vivian Alexander - King County Representative

Tim Burns - King County Representative

Julie Aulava - King County Representative (alternate)

Frank James - King County Representative (alternate)

Alex Milsten - Young Democrats Representative

Jeff Holden - Endorsements Chair

Ann Mayer - Treasurer

[vacant] - Secretary

2023-2024 Committee Chairs

The 2023-2024 committee chairs of the 30th District Democrats are:

Jim Grayson - Outreach

Madelyn Grayson - Membership

Peggy Maze Johnson - PCO Coordinator

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