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Article I: General Membership Meetings

Sec. 1) All delegate and committee reports shall be submitted in writing for publication. Only notices requiring action by the body will be announced at the meeting.
Sec. 2) Only candidates seeking our endorsement and are not known to be members of another political party shall be heard at Candidate Presentations.
Sec. 3) If an endorsement has been made for an elected office, only the endorsed candidate or his or her official surrogate may be heard in regard to that race, unless a candidate meeting the conditions of Section 3 has not yet addressed the organization.

Article II: Membership Dues

Sec. 1) Dues for The 30th District Democrats shall be due and payable after the February membership meeting of each year and shall be based on a calendar year (February to February).
Sec. 2) Dues may be paid in advance for the next full year as early as October of the current year.
Sec. 3) Annual Dues Schedule
Membership Level Dues Max Voting Members
Associate $10 (non-voting)
Student (13+) $10 (non-voting)
Living Lightly $10 1
Basic $25 1
Family $35 2
Governor's Club $50 2
Senator's Club $100 2
President's Club $250 2
Sec. 4) Dues paid on or after the month of July will be discounted:
  • Associate/Student/Living Lightly - $5
  • Basic - $15
  • Family - $20

Article III: Endorsement Procedures

Sec. 1) Candidates and ballot measures will not receive support from The 30th District Democrats unless they have received an endorsement by the general membership.
Sec. 2) A candidate seeking partisan office must file as a Democrat to be eligible for endorsement. A candidate seeking a nonpartisan legislative or executive office must declare themselves to be a Democrat. The Endorsements Committee shall not make any attempt to ascertain the political affiliation of judicial candidates.
Sec. 3) The Endorsements Committee will make no recommendations for early endorsements.
Sec. 4) Interviews for endorsement will be arranged after the election filing date.
Sec. 5) A candidate must complete and submit the most recent candidate questionnaire adopted by the Endorsements Committee and subsequently be interviewed by the Endorsements Committee before any vote is taken on the Committee's recommendation for endorsement.
Sec. 6) A candidate or ballot measure must receive a two-thirds vote of the Endorsements Committee members present and voting to be recommended for endorsement to the general membership of The 30th District Democrats.
Sec. 7) Endorsements made before the end of any filing period, whether the regular filing week in May or a special filing period, shall be considered early endorsements unless the endorsement is for a Democratic Party nomination or an appointment, and not an elected office.
Sec. 8) The 30th District Democrats' general membership will be given one month notice via the monthly newsletter of a vote on endorsement in a particular position. The Endorsements Committee shall not make known its recommendation on a particular candidate prior to the general membership meeting in which that recommendation is to be considered.
Sec. 9) No candidate, paid or volunteer staff, or family member of a candidate shall be eligible to serve on the Endorsements Committee or observe its post-interview deliberations. In addition, the previously specified individuals shall not be present at opposing candidate or ballot measure interviews.
Sec. 10) These rules shall not preclude a motion for endorsement from the floor of a general membership meeting of The 30th District Democrats. Such a motion will be held over until the next meeting for a vote.
Sec. 11) Endorsement Committee members will not share interview question or answers with anyone outside of the committee until brought to a vote of the general membership of The 30th District Democrats.
Sec. 12) Endorsement Committee members will be respectful of the candidates they are interviewing.
Sec. 13) Any Endorsement Committee members who have a conflict of interest with the interviewee will recuse themselves from the interview and may return after post-interview deliberations and voting have concluded.
Sec. 14) Any process sanctioned by the Washington State Democratic Party for nominating candidates supersedes if in conflict with these rules.