City of Federal Way

Jim Ferrell
Mayor of Federal Way
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City of Pacific

Leanne Guier
Mayor of Pacific
Call Leanne — 253-929-1108
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Stacy Oliveira
City Council, Pos #5
Call Stacy — 253.929.1100
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David Storaasli
City Council, Pos #6
Call David — 253.929.1100
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Federal Way Board of Education

Geoffery McAnalloy
President, District #1
Meet the School Board
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Liz Drake
Legislative Liaison, District #3
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Carol Gregory
Board Member, District #4
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South King Fire & Rescue

John Rickert
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Mark Thompson
Mark’s Official Website
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Congressional Representative

Adam Smith
U.S. Representative
Call Adam — 253-593-6600
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U.S. Senators

Patty Murray
Sr. U.S. Senator
Call Patty — 202-224-2621
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Maria Cantwell
Jr. U.S. Senator
Call Maria — 202-224-3441
Maria’s Official Website
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