How to Seek the 30th District Democrat's Endorsement

Thank you for your interest in receiving an endorsement from the 30th District Democrats. We use the King County Democrats' questionnaire plus an addendum questionnaire to consider candidates for endorsement. King County Democrats have formulated questionnaires for five different categories of government office. You will need to complete the questionnaire and addendum that corresponds to the office you are seeking. The King County Democrats' questionnaires can be found at: https://www.kcdems.org/endorsements

We have formulated brief addendums to each King County questionnaire to ask candidates questions specific to our district's needs. Please also complete the addendum that corresponds to the office you are seeking:

Your completed questionnaire and addendum should be emailed to the Chair of our Endorsements Committee, Julie Turley, at endorsements@30thdemswa.org. Once she receives your material, Julie will arrange a time for the committee to interview you. The commmitee then makes endorsement recommendations to the membership at future general membership meetings.


State Legislature (30th LD)

Federal Way City Council

Position 1
Anthony Murrietta

Des Moines City Council

South King Fire and Rescue

Commissioner Position No. 2
Roger Flygare


Initiatives and Referendums

Vote YES
Corporations are not people, Money is not speech, All political donations should be made public
Vote YES
South King Fire & Rescue, Proposition 1
Fire Station, Emergency Response, and Firefighter Safety Equipment Improvements General Obligation Bonds

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