State Legislature (30th LD)

State Representative, Position 2
Carol Gregory

King County

Lloyd Hara
Director of Elections
Zack Hudgins

Port of Seattle

Commissioner, Position 2
Courtney Gregoire
Commissioner, Position 5
Fred Felleman

Port of Tacoma

Commissioner, Position 3
Clare Petrich

Des Moines

City Council, Position 4
Jeremy Nutting

Pacific City

Leanne Guier
City Council, Position 6
David Storaasli

Federal Way School District

Board of Education, Position 2
Claire Wilson
Board of Education, Position 3
Liz Drake

South King Fire and Rescue

Commissioner Position No. 2
John Rickert
Commissioner Position No. 3
Roger Flygare

East Pierce Fire and Rescue

Commissioner Position No. 2
Kirby Pollard

Initiatives and Referendums

Vote YES
Corporations are not people, Money is not speech, All political donations should be made public
Vote NO
Another bad idea from Tim Eyman - enough said

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